Handling Long Guns
The revolutionary GunBearer® is a simple, efficient way to securely carry your long gun, transferring the weight comfortably to your hips leaving both your hands free for climbing, bushwhacking, whatever. No more slings slipping off your shoulder, no more banged scopes. This is the safest, most comfortable way ever devised to carry your rifle and a backpack. With a flick of your wrist, your rifle or shotgun can be instantly shouldered for firing. Fully adjustable for any length rifle or shotgun, use it right or left handed, or remove it when you aren't packing a long gun.
fully adjustable for any length rifle or shotgun
exceptional stability

with the snap of your wrist, your firearm can be leveled in a split second            

Hunting GunBearer
Originally invented for rambling in bear country, this is the safest, most comfortable way ever devised to carry your rifle and a backpack. Quicker than a shoulder sling, it's fast enough for wing shooting.

fits Kifaru Hunting and KU pack belts

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Combat GunBearer
While many gun slings function well for MOUT and CQB work, ours excel in rough terrain such as mountains and desert, where you need your hands free for bushwhacking or handling other equipment while still having quick access to your rifle for instant firing. The weight of the firearm rests on your waistbelt to keep your upper body from fatiguing.

works on waistbelts with PALS webbing only

Kifaru Ultralight GunBearer®
Same quick performance as our standard GunBearer®
, but specific to KU packs



Universal GunBearers®
Fit any non-Kifaru pack you may own (including non-MOLLE) .
long Universal for padded and wide belts
short Universal for small web type belts


Order Hunting: Standard webbing cradle
$28.00 short
$32.00 long
$39.00 one each

Order Tactical: Hypalon cradle
$31.00 short
$33.00 long
$42.00 one each

Auxiliary Holster
This holster is designed to carry additional long guns, sniper rifles, skis or other awkward long objects.
holds with rock solid stability
affixes to the sides or back of your pack for long marches
cradles lower end of your gear
includes upper Auxiliary Holster Strap
also secure upper portion of gear under pack compression straps, or    compress under Dock & Lock side pockets
add multiple units for carrying more than one firearm
$35.00 one each

video review on Kifaru's forums

Ice Axe Holster
Provides quick access to an ice axe, with instant on-off capabilities thanks to the quick release buckles top and bottom. Consists of two parts -
bottom loop for head,
top strap to secure the handle to the pack body
$25.00 one each

Holster Adapter
easily mount your sidearm to any Kifaru tactical pack waistbelt (with PALS) or the pack body itself
holds any and all holsters designed to fit 2" webbing belts.
fits either right or left side of waistbelt
fits anywhere you have a PALS matrix

Shipping: Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Unit orders: Please call - we can make arrangements.
Shipping costs: Will be emailed separately in order to give you the best possible price.