Return to Adventure Duck Hunt
by Steven Lair

Back Country Navigation for the Hunter
4 in depth essays by Dick Blust

1. Maps and Coordinate Systems

2. Compass & Direction Finding

3. Compass & Position Plotting

4. GPS & Putting it Altogether

Why do You Hunt?
by Terry Scoville

Ten Reasons Why I Hunt
by Timothy Rawlins

Advancements in the Care & Cleaning of Muzzleloading Arms
by William Clunie

Hunting & Mental Health
by Mitch Kendall

Alaska Hunting Dreams Really Do Come True
by Todd Crowe

Crunch Time, Michigan Snow Bear
by Todd Crowe

The Education of an Outdoorsman
by Ed.

The Hunt that Lasts Forever
by Phil Turk

The Irriducibility of Hunting
by Mitch Kendall

Let Us Prey
by Mitch Kendall

Political Metamorphosis of a Musical Hunter
by Dave Roth

Preserving the American Heritage
by Steve Sargent

Solo Hunt
by Lisa Pascaldo

Bear Proofing Your Camp
compiled from our Message Board

Tipi Talk
compiled from our Message Board

Emergency Items
compiled from our Message Board

ESSAYS by Patrick Smith

Backpack Checklist

Camp Cooking of Small Game

Flexible Hunting  

Four Season Camping

Getting Further Back

Meditiations on Hunting Backpacks

The Possibles Pouch  

Radio Interview with Patrick Smith


Solving Problems - A Little Kifaru History  

Staying Young In the Field

What I Use

Answers to Posimag

Cartridge Power - How Much is Enough?

Using Your Pack as a Shooting Aid

Hand Loading for All Purpose Use of

Big Game Rifles

compiled from our Message Board

Spotting Scopes
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Press/Online Articles
Have Pack, Will Hunt by Corey Graff

Kifaru Tipi
by FNAWS magazine

Feedback & Opinions
Tipis & Shelters
Hunting Packs